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SCORE Consortium

SCORE Consortium

Center for the Study of Democracy

CSD Logo

Founded in 1989, Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) is a non-partisan, independent European think-tank registered in public benefit. CSD combines research with advocacy for piloting social innovation and institutional reforms in Europe in areas like energy governance, economic and legal transition, anti-corruption, and criminology.

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Climate Alliance

Climate Alliance Logo

Climate Alliance (CA) member municipalities have been acting in partnership with indigenous rainforest peoples for the benefit of the climate since 1990. With some 1,700 members in 26 countries, CA is the world’s largest city network dedicated to climate action and the only one with tangible targets.

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Consorzio Forestale Alta Valle Di Susa

Consorzio Forestale Alta Valle Susa Logo

Consorzio Forestale Alta Valle di Susa (CFAVS) is a consortium made up of the 14 municipalities of the Susa High Valley - amongst others the Regione Polveriera. The primary task of the CFAVS is forestry and fluvial management. In addition, the CFAVS prepares detailed designs of public works and forestry infrastructure for the municipalities.

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Cooperativa La Foresta

La Foresta Logo

La Foresta is an Italian cooperative company that deals with mountain territory management. Its core business is the wood energy chain with sustainable forest management and installation of plants powered by wood biomass. La Foresta provides thermal energy and energy services. It is both ISO9001 and PEFC certified.

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Cooperativa Sociale Amico

Logo Amico Cooperativa Sociale

AMICO is a non-profit cooperative with almost 30 years of experience in the Susa Valley. AMICO integrates disadvantaged and marginalised people (e.g. disabled, long-term unemployed, former detainees, etc.) into the labour market by training them as agricultural and forestry workers.

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co2online Logo

The German non-profit company co2online has campaigned for energy efficiency and climate protection in Germany since 2003. Its purpose is to inform consumers on an individual basis about an energy-efficient lifestyle and to encourage them to take further action.

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Deutscher Caritas Verband

Caritas StromsparCheck Logo

Deutscher Caritas Verband has launched a national project called "Stromsparcheck" at about 150 sites, training long-term unemployed people to provide free on-site energy saving checks to low-income households. In analyzing consumers' behavior and measuring energy consumption, households and municipalities benefit sustainably from reduced energy costs and CO2 savings.

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Europa Universität Viadrina

Europa Universität Viadrina Logo

The Kelso-Professorship is sponsored by the Kelso Institute and located at the European Universtity Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. Interdisciplinary research topics include, amongst others, the potential impact of (co-)ownership concepts such as employee and consumer financial participation.

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Federacja Konsumentów

Federacja Konsumentow Logo

Federacja Konsumentów (FK) is a nationwide consumer organisation in Poland established in 1981. Its core activity is free advocacy and legal assistance (more then 65,000 advices per year) provided by over 30 regional branches. The FK promotes regulations and market tools that guarantee the safety and satisfaction of consumers.

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Město Litoměřice

Litomerice Logo

The City of Litoměřice has about 25,000 inhabitants. Currently, the city's most ambitious project is a geothermal project using EGS technology. Since 2011, all energy activities have been part of the overall energy management. Litoměřice joined Energy Cities in 2014 and the Covenant of Mayors in 2016.

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Miasto Słupsk

With its Green City of New Generation Strategy 2016-2022, the City of Słupsk promotes energy poverty minimisation and sustainable development through decentralised, democratically controlled renewable energy combined with energy efficiency measures for all of its more than 90,000 citizens.

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Politecnico di Torino

Politecnico di Torino is a leading public university both in Italy and Europe in technical-scientific teaching and research. Its inter-university Department of Urban and Regional Studies & Planning offers expertise in the field of urban studies, spatial planning and the built environment.

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Porsenna Logo

Porsenna is a Czech non-profit organization that provides services for municipalities, enterprisers and general public in the field of energy management, building sustainable construction, renewable energy utilization, passive houses, energy efficiency and energy consultancy. Their team of experts are graduated in civil engineering, ecology and environmental economy.

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