SCORE at the 7th International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues

On 23 and 24 May 2019, Prof Lowitzsch from the European University Viadrina (EUV) was given the opportunity to speak at the International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues (ISEFI-2019) in Paris. The content was a result from a collaboration with Junaid Alam Memon from the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics and Satyendra Nath Mishra of the Xavier University Bhubaneswar, India. In the context of including SCORE, a presentation was held with regards to “Harnessing Consumer (Co-)Ownership in RE in the Asian Energy Transition- Consumer Stock Ownership Plan (CSOP) Financing as an Inclusive Low-Threshold Participation Model for Pakistan and India”. It has been a great pleasure to work together across borders while sharing a common goal and to be able to undertake action beyond Europe.

ISEFI-2019 was co-organised by IPAG Energy Economics Center, IPAG Business School, CGEMP, and the University of Paris Dauphine. The aim was to provide academics, policy-makers, and practitioners with a valuable forum for discussion and critical analysis of the major issues and challenges on the intersection of energy, environment, macro-economics and financial markets. Theoretical and empirical papers were welcomed relating to all aspects of energy markets and their interactions with financial markets. We were happy to be part of this large symposium - this year with 23 sessions and 71 presentations - and to contribte to the success of the event.