On 1 and 2 April 2019, we took part in the Energy Allies Event in Nantes, France. The event was organised by the German Marshall Fund and Energy Cities. With local governments in the U.S. and Europe rallying to respond to the devastating effects of climate change, the organisers of this event proposed a dialogue on local energy transitions between civil society organisations of cities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Josh Roberts, the Advocacy Officer of held a presentation on citizen energy communities and their new role under the Clean Energy Package. This provided useful background information to introduce SCORE. Central topics of the other interventions were the role of the civil society in the policy-making of the energy transition and low-carbon innovations. In this vein, Prof Jens Lowitzsch held a presentation on unlocking clean energy finance and synergies for collaboration with other public enterprises, cooperatives and community groups. The SCORE partners are glad to be part of the movement pushing the transformation of the energy system forward.