Caritas Congress

On 6 June 2018, Caritas celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its “Stromspar-Check Kommunal” project with a convention in Berlin featuring renowned speakers from academia and government. Felicia van Tulder (EUV) was there to support their partner and present SCORE.

StromsparCheck: a successful example of local and inclusive action

Fachkongress Stromspar-Check

The Stromspar-Check project is aimed at training the unemployed to become energy consultants tasked with implementing energy efficiency measures in low-income households. The project has been a great success and is recognised as a best-practice for local climate action. The experience Caritas has acquired in this way highlights its essential role in the SCORE consortium. EUV researcher Felicia van Tulder presented the CSOP model and the SCORE project at the convention. After her presentation, Q&A resulted in a fruitful discussion with the public on SCORE and specifically the CSOP model, its compatibility with the Renewable Energy Directive II as well as its implementation in local contexts. Over the course of the convention, new contacts with experts from different sectors were established, and the SCORE Network was thus enlarged.