EUFORES Webinar: “Renewable & Citizen Energy Communities under the Clean Energy Package”

Laptop, mouse and headphones ready to be used for an online event(c) ENiemela / Pixabay

EUFORES Academy: Energy Citizens and Communities

On 21 June 2021, SCORE was part of a EUFORES online seminar in cooperation with EREF, Friends of the Earth Europe and The event was about energy communities as part of the Clean Energy Package, focussing on the transposition guidance for RED II (Renewable Energy Directive) and IEMD (Internal Electricity Market Directive) in the EU member states.

Therefore, the discussion covered the rights of citizens in the new EU legal framework and other topics. Prof Lowitzsch, coordinator of the SCORE project, presented various pitfalls to be aware of as well as best practices for a successful transposition. Amongst others, the Netherlands were presented as a best practice for citizen energy policies. Towards the end of the event, participants discussed the question of how to transpose the specific definitions of REC and CEC as well as the challenges for national governments – and concluded with some solutions.