Financial contribution to energy communities | Piedmont Region tender

(c) Kaja Kreutzer

Our meetings with local mayors in the Susa Valley last year were very fruitful and 20 municipalities in the region signed a memorandum to be SCORE follower cities. The Unione Montana representing them -together with the municipalities of our sub-pilots - submitted a proposal for funding under an open pilot-call of Piedmont Region supporting renewable energy communities. The initiative was awarded with a contribution of 10,000 Euro for the establishment of a renewable energy community. Overall, we see a momentum for our mission, and we are happy that the potential of energy communities is appreciated and supported in the region. In fact, the Piedmont Region is the first Italian region to promote energy communities with the Regional Law from 3 August 2018, no. 12 (“Promotion of the Institution of Energy Communities”) and the accompanying implementation decree of 8 March 2019 (no. 18- 8520).