Kick-off Meeting

After many months of hard work on the project proposal, representatives of the SCORE partner organisations met for the first time on 16 April 2018 to officially launch their Horizon 2020 project.

The SCORE-consortium members

The European University Viadrina as SCORE’s leading organisation hosted the meeting at its campus in Frankfurt (Oder) Germany. The beautiful Logen Hall offered a perfect setting to kick off collaboration. After the opening word by the Chancellor of the Viadrina, the 29 participants developed in the course of the following two days a common understanding of the project and their respective roles and planned the first steps of the project implementation.

Meeting in the Logen Hall

Opening words from Niels Helle-Meyer, chancellor of the European University Viadrina

Even the Berlin-Brandenburg TV-station RBB reported on the meeting.

Everybody relaxed at an informal dinner in Frankfurt’s neighbouring city Słubice in Poland. All in all, a solid foundation for a cooperation during the three-year life cycle of the project was laid with the meeting.

Consortium members having dinner in Słubice, Poland

Getting acquainted with the program

Prof. Lowitzsch presents the rational for the CSOP as a consumer investment gap-filler.

Barbara Kalker from Caritas presents the best-practice example Stromspar-Check.