Online Seminar "Inclusive financing of a fair energy transition for municipalities"

CSOP-financing calculator(c) rawpixel / Unsplash

This workshop was organized by Climate Alliance and Caritas Germany "Stromspar-Check". The online seminar on 17 June 2020 on the topic of financing the energy transition introduced our innovative financing model, the Consumer Stock Ownership Plan (CSOP) and discussed how the CSOP enables vulnerable consumers to acquire a share in a renewable energy project, thus becoming prosumers without the necessity of extensive up-front capital. Making sure to support a just transition and to eradicate energy poverty, SCORE strives to encourage in particular vulnerable consumer groups to participate in low-threshold investment schemes. The aim of the webinar was the illustration of the implementation of the model as well as our consumer engagement strategy for interested municipalities and local actors while drawing from experience of the SCORE project and its pilot cities.

For more information please contact Marie Kleeschulte or Kirsten Roeber.