Organization of four workshops for stakeholder involvement

(c) Sara Torabi

Four events and workshops have been organized in June and November 2019 to involve and inform the stakeholders including citizens, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), and public administration in order to understand their energy habits and problems that they are currently facing, such as the low efficiency of the building envelope and high energy expenditure. The informative events include the organization of meetings with local institutions (mayors), with the aim of disseminating the energy community principles and defining how to involve all citizens, and the participation in already organized events on the territory. Regarding the organization of meetings with local institutions, the contribution of the local SCORE project partners is fundamental in identifying (through a stakeholder analysis) and establishing contact (through e-mail) with the key persons. Once the institutions, through which it is assumed that citizens can be reached, were identified and mapped, the email contacts were recovered and a pre-structured email was sent containing the following information: a personal and research introduction, the purposes of the research, the email objective (i.e., to survey the availability to help in this project with regard to reaching the citizens and disseminating information towards the local population and, if interested, the person with whom to discuss). Once contact was established, then the final step is the event organization or the participation in events already scheduled. Since the main focus of this type of event is information, the supporting materials used for these meetings are flyers and brochures, concerning the energy community’s topics.