Policy Paper on RE Communities in the Mediterranean

The SCORE Partner Climate Alliance collaborated in the publication of a Policy Paper on Renewable Energy Communities in the Mediterranean area. The paper was developed in the context of the project Interreg MED Renewable Energy Community. The project and the paper have strong links to SCORE, which is also referred to on the paper.

The paper proposes Ecosystemic Transition Units (ETUs) as a new denomination for energy transition governance models for implementation at the local level. In taking this approach, the aim is to boost territorial development in the Mediterranean Region, with a special focus on rural and island areas.

An Ecosystemic Transition Unit is a territory implementing its energy transition taking into account an ecosystemic approach, based on the following four main aspects/pillars:

1) energy communities (social component)
2) energy planning (territorial component)
3) energy local governance (legal component)
4) energy facilities (technological component)

The aim of the ETU model is to boost multilevel coordination and governance, catalyzing a resilient territorial development through the empowerment and engagement of key stakeholders. To this end, the ETU model bases its principles on
social innovation, which means shaping strategies based on societal needs and challenges as a way of effectively achieving the objectives of ecological transition. The paper sets out the findings from regional consultations in contributing Member
States, and is structured according to these four pillars.

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