Transposition guidance for citizen energy policies

Together with PROSEU, Community Power Coalition, The Renewables Networking Platform (RNP) and EREF, we published a paper which aims to inform and facilitate the transposition and the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II, 2018/2001) and the Internal Electricity Market Directive (IEMD, 2019/944) in combination with the Governance Regulation (GR, 2018/1999). It focuses specifically on the provisions regarding the newly established rights of citizens like self-consumption and energy communities. It provides recommendations to be applied when drafting national legislation and regulation; it addresses both policy makers and civil society advocacy groups. The transposition of the RED II and the IEMD into national laws will provide opportunities to define national policies that aim towards a “citizen and prosumer-centred” Energy Union and strengthen citizens’ rights.

Download transpositional guidance here