Workshop on Renewable Energy Communities in Vega de Valcarce

Peoples silhouettes in front of tree(c) geralt / Pixabay

In September, a two-day workshop was organized in one of our Spanish Follower Cities, the rural town of Vega de Valcarce. Promoted by the Municipality and the local association ReVieval, the town's local stakeholders and citizens gathered for a deep dive into the topic of Renewable Energy Communities (REC). Supported by the SCORE project in its preparation and organization, the goal of the workshop was to prepare the set-up of a local energy community including private households, the municipality and other interested actors like small and medium-sized enterprises. SCORE partners were present to share experiences from the project's pilots and other key learnings such as the involvement of citizens and the possibilities of Spain's regulatory framework on RECs. RENAISSANCE, another H2020 project, supported the community in collecting necessary energy data. A working group was set up to work on next steps, such as the definition of a viable business model for Vega de Valcarce

You can find more details about the workshop here (spanish):

Workshop execution and outcomes