SCORE Final Conference - Supporting Consumer Ownership in Renewable Energies

The SCORE Final Conference Supporting Consumer Ownership in Renewable Energies: Challenges to be met successfully took place on November 17-18, 2021 in a hybrid format. 


(c) Politecnico di Torino

The EU “Clean Energy Package” introduced “active consumers” as prosumers and their rights to produce, sell and share their own electricity in “Renewable Energy Communities” (RECs). Currently, EU Member States are transposing the new rules (RED II & IEMD) into national law. The national rules differ widely especially regarding the “enabling framework”. 

In this light, the conference tackled four main topics:

  1. What lessons can be drawn from the SCORE pilots and follower city projects - especially for municipalities?
  2. How can individual consumers be encouraged to become prosumers and engage in energy efficiency?
  3. What opportunities and synergies can energy / electricity sharing provide for RECs?
  4. What business opportunities can they provide for professional actors from the energy sector?

A Short Overview

Held in a hybrid format, representatives of European municipalities, EU institutions, associations, academia, international think-tanks and civil society contributed to this exciting event. Up to 200 people participated during those two days. On the 17th the conference was opened by Dr. Patrizia Lombardi, the vice-Rector of the Politecnico di Torino, who further introduced the SCORE concept. The conference continued with a deep dive into the SCORE implementation and the introduction of the pilot projects from Susa Valley (Italy), Essen (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic). Later on, the spotlight was on the SCORE Follower Cities as well as on associated projects such as COME RES. How to activate individual consumers to become prosumers was the main question which was discussed during the afternoon. A special focus here was set on a just transition and how to involve those at risk of being left behind. On the 18th the focus was put mainly on opportunities and synergies of energy sharing for RECs and on business opportunities for professional actors from the energy world. Furthermore, experinces of how to achieve a succesful transposition were shared by presenting hints on which traps are to avoid.

Conference Presentations from the 17th of November

Conference Presentations from the 18th of November

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