Brochure "CSOP-Financing - Introducing Consumer Stock Ownership Plans"

SCORE Leaflet


The SCORE leaflet provides for a quick introduction to the CSOP model and the SCORE project. The publication is available in five languages. 

Leaflet in English (PDF, 318 kB)

Leaflet in Polish (PDF, 322 kB)

Leaflet in Czech (PDF, 428 kB)

Leaflet in Italian (PDF, 315 kB)

Leaflet in German (PDF, 402 kB)


SCORE Leaflet, concise

Additionally, a more concise version of the SCORE leaflet was produced in English and German language. 

Concise Leaflet in English (PDF, 407 kB)

Concise Leaflet in German (PDF, 405 kB)