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SCORE public deliverables listed in order of appearance

New Brochure: CSOP-Financing - Introducing Consumer Stock Ownership Plans

Our new brochure ion 'CSOP financing is now available for download (PDF, 7.56 MB)

D3.1 Manual on Energy Refurbishing

Public report including the mitigation of rebound effects available for download (PDF, 3.02 MB)

D5.1 Report impacts of consumer co-ownership

Public report including recommendations on fine-tuning

D3.4 Progress report on each pilot project

Public report

D5.2 Critical policy brief EU/national/local and mapping of policy options

D4.4 Feedback webinar for “follower cities” and “How to” Technical Paper CSOP financing

Public report including manual to include vulnerable consumers

D5.3 Catalogue of prerequisites for a transfer

Public report

D5.4 RE prosumership poliy recommendations

Public report

D6.10 Press releases, websites, blogs and publication of articles in scientific journals and magazines

Public report

D6.11 Final publishable report

Public report

D4.3 Launch of the “SCORE Prosumer-Investment Calculator” on the follower cities websites

Public report